Ifasmata123.gr Mattress Protector samples

The Mattress Protector is used as lower bed sheet preventing stains from unforeseen night accidents.  It is durable fabric in often washes and high temperatures. Its one side is made of towel the other from PVC for extra protection. 

Uses: Matresse protection

Weave Plain
Made in Italy
Composition PVC
Roll Width 2m
Wash Instructions
Ifasmata123.gr Garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed to preserve Permanent Press with cool down or cold rinse prior to reduced spin. Ifasmata123.gr Initial water temperature should not exceed 60C or 140F. Ifasmata123.gr Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
Weight 300 g/m2
Price €8.50 + VAT